ESB League Season 6 – Information & Sign-up

ESB League Season 6 – Information & Sign-up

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After a successful 5th Season on our new League platform ( we are ready to tackle Season 6.

Sign-ups are now open on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for our sixth season. Below you will find both the league schedule and team sign-up form. Each league will require at at least 8 teams by the deadline in order to be validated and go live on March 14th. (If for example one league has 16 teams signed up, we can create 2 divisions while following the same schedule)

For our 6th Season we will be featuring the following leagues on both X1 and PS4:

  • – Battlefield 4 – 16v16 Conquest Small – PS4
  • – Battlefield 4 – 12v12 Conquest Small – X1
  • – Battlefield 4 – 8v8 Conquest Small – PS4/X1
  • – Battlefield 4 – 5v5 Domination – PS4/X1

If enough teams would like other game modes and formats, we can make those happen as well.

Note: The standard days for 16v16/12v12 will be scheduled for Saturday’s and for 8v8/5v5 for Sunday’s. This means that a team can’t compete in both the 8v8 and 5v5 categories simultaneously. This is valid for players as well, as this would create scheduling problems if both teams a player is in have their matches scheduled on the same day/time.


8v8’s are here!

We are proud to introduce 8v8’s into the league and we hope this allow teams which have gone inactive due to a lack of players, to start playing again.

Our 8v8 leagues will feature a modified Conquest Ruleset which will reflect the reduced player count on the maps, and will be similar to our 5v5 Ruleset. The official 8v8 Ruleset will be released on Monday March 7th which will be followed by an ESB Council the same weekend to gather community feedback before making them final for launch.

Conquest Rules Updated!

Our Conquest Rules have been updated to reduce the chance of teams obtaining forfeit wins by abusing the system.

“If a team violates a restriction, only the map the item was used on will be forfeited and not the entire match.”

Some of the changes that will be live when the league launches are:

  • – 25 Ticket Penalty per BANNED Weapon Kill (This means that getting a kill with a – banned weapon no longer costs your team the map)
  • – Teams will be required to report and provide proof of any rule infraction(s) at the end of the map in which the infraction occurred. Failure to do so can void any penalty for the opposing team.
  • – The use of other restricted items will still cause your team to forfeit the map.

Deadline for team sign-ups will be on Monday March 14th at 1:00 am EST / 7:00 am CET.

League Schedules:

Note that ALL leagues feature 1 Match a Week only.


  • Week 1: March 14th – 20th
  • Week 2: March 21st – 27th
  • Week 3: March 28th – April 3rd
  • Week 4: April 4th – 10th
  • Week 5: April 11th – 17th
    • ESB Allstars Voting and Drafting
  • Week 6: April 18th – 24th
    • ESB Allstars Event
  • Week 7: April 25th – May 1st
  • Playoffs Week 1: May 6th – 8th
  • Playoffs Week 2: May 13th – 15th
  • Playoffs Week 3: May 20th – 22nd


Confirmed Teams

PlayStation 4

5v5 Domination

Division 1

  1. SyNatiC_Rising
  3. eCOS BlackStorm
  4. fabE Games eSports
  5. Pro Nation
  6. Shock n Awe
  7. ZeNoX eSoprts
  8. Xplicit eSports
Division 2
  1. Bloody-Minded Tigers
  2. Ozone
  3. LoYaL Gaming eSports
  4. Gloria Victis eSports
  5. xtreme slayers
  6. MnG-InVictuZ
  7. Morpheus
  8. iNvulnerable
Division 3
  1. GaLaXy e-Sports
  2. DyNamiC eSports
  3. Re5
  4. raid3rs gaming
  5. Probellion Squad
  6. Back to Hell
  7. ImmortaL Team
  8. Vibes
Waiting List
  1. ioN eSports
  2. Infantry Xpert

8v8 Conquest Small

  1. VeNoM eSports
  2. KaoS eSports
  3. Division Gaming
  4. Cos esport
  5. Finnish Publa Heroes
  8. mAAd B4LLERS
Waiting List
  1. The Shadow Conspiracy
  2. Relentless
  3. Bringing Sexy Back

16v16 Conquest Small

Division 1
  1. VeNoM eSports
  2. Army OF One
  3. Infantry Destruction
  4. complexSimplicity
  5. Cos esport
  6. LoYaL Gaming eSports
  7. Division Gaming
  8. Gloria Victis eSports
Division 2
  1. SyNatic eSports
  2. Relentless
  3. unKnown Luminosity
  5. Rebellion
  6. LiNk the union
  7. We Were Warriors
  8. YaHooLiGaN’s!
Waiting List
  1. REI
  2. EMPTY

Xbox One

5v5 Domination

  1. Team ReQuiem
  2. At Your 6
  3. MaD eSport
  4. 4 Gods and 1 Arab
  5. Death From Above
  6. EMPTY
  7. EMPTY
  8. EMPTY
5v5 Waiting List
  1. EMPTY
  2. EMPTY

8v8 Conquest Small

  1. EMPTY
  2. EMPTY
  3. EMPTY
  4. EMPTY
  5. EMPTY
  6. EMPTY
  7. EMPTY
  8. EMPTY
Waiting List
  1. EMPTY
  2. EMPTY

12v12 Conquest Small

  2. Death From Above
  3. Team RaiN
  4. créative Révolution
  5. 1Nation
  6. Precision Gaming
  7. Unparalleled Gaming
  8. Serenity
Waiting List
  1. EMPTY
  2. EMPTY