ESB BF1 Council #2 – Discussing 5v5 Rules & Test Cups

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ESB Battlefield 1 Council #2 – Discussing 5v5 Rules & Test Cups

General Information

The Battlefield 1 Rental Server Program launched a few weeks ago, and while a lot of key features/options are missing, we have now started our test cups for 5v5s as well in order to be ready to host bigger events as soon as 2017 arrives.

We will be dedicating this second Battlefield 1 Council to the 5v5 scene. After 22 Teams played in our first 5v5 Dom Test Cup on PS4, we would like to start discussing various topics with teams ahead of the next test cups in order to start testing out various rule sets in the coming weeks We would therefore like to invite all Xbox One and PlayStation 4 competitive teams to participate.

  • Which game modes should be played?

This past weekend we hosted our first Domination Test Cup on PS4 with the collaboration of Glory4Gamers. We will also start testing out War Pigeons and possibly 5v5 Rush while we work on the final 5v5 Ruleset for Battlefield 1.

  • Which weapons/gadgets should be restricted?

We will be discussing possible game breaking mechanics present in the game or unbalanced weapons/gadgets. Please provide feedback with appropriate information from Symthic to back up your claims where possible.

Please remember that a new patch is coming on the 13th of December and that certain items will have been buffed/nerfed right before this meeting.

You may find the patch notes by clicking HERE.

  • Should certain rooftops be banned?

Certain rooftops with ladder access can ruin the flow of the game, we will be taking a look at the maps and seeing which roofs ruin certain maps and which are fine to be used.

  • Should certain maps be banned?

For those who played Battlefield 4, you will remember that certain maps really didn’t work in a 5v5 setting, whether it was because of spawns (Hainan Resort Dom) or map design (Floodzone Dom). If you feel that certain maps should be looked at and addressed, please bring your ideas and feedback to the council.

This is just a brief preview of some of the questions we will pick your brains with in order to initiate constructive discussions ahead of the next test cups.
Come with your ideas and feedback about the game and let us know what game modes you prefer.



The meeting will be held on Wednesday December 14th at 3pm EST / 9pm CET. Below is a countdown leading to the meeting start.

Location Local time Time zone UTC offset
Paris (France – Île-de-France) Wednesday December 14th 2016, 21.00.00 CET UTC+1 hour
New York (USA – New York) Wednesday December 14th 2016, 15.00.00 EST UTC-5 hours
Corresponding UTC (GMT) Wednesday December 14th 2016, 20.00.00


This ESB Council is open to all competitive Xbox One and PlayStation 4 teams that have started competing in Battlefield 1 5v5s since the Rental Server Program launched. Each Team will be allowed 1 to send one fix representative to each council. This means hundreds of teams are eligible to attend.

Established event organizers are also welcome to attend to join in on the conversation. Please contact @CodeName_Deus on twitter if you are interested in taking part.

The ESB Councils now happen over Discord (Download Link Here). You may join the server directly by clicking HERE.

Every team who wishes to attend must fill in and submit the form below. A confirmation email will be sent to you within 12 hours of signing-up. Sign-ups close 4 hours prior to the meeting start. (Teams who don’t sign-up will not be allowed to attend)

Please make sure that your name on Discord matches your provided Battlelog/PSN/XBL name when you join our server or you will not be moved to the correct channel for the meeting.

For this meeting 30 slots will be available for teams (15 for X1 and 15 for PS4), and we will give teams who have actively competed in our past events priority over completely new ones. Confirmation emails will be sent to each team applying once they are confirmed.

Sign-up Form

A reminder that team representatives represent their WHOLE team and not just themselves. We therefore ask representatives to discuss the council topics with their team mates before attending the council.

Confirmed Teams

Note: Teams who have participated in our first 5v5 Test Cup on Sunday December 11th will have priority.


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  3. EMPTY

PlayStation 4

  1. Lone Wolves
  2. Extensy
  3. SoFT
  4. ViruZz RaptorZz
  5. G.I.B
  6. Forsaken Family
  7. PredictioN
  8. Hopes and Dreams
  9. ViCiOuZ Renegadez
  10. 2eZy
  11. complexSimplicity / MotioN
  13. EMPTY
  14. EMPTY
  15. EMPTY

Xbox One

  1. AneVia
  2. EMPTY
  3. EMPTY
  4. EMPTY
  5. EMPTY
  6. EMPTY
  7. EMPTY
  8. EMPTY
  9. EMPTY
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