ESB BF1 Pre-Launch Council #1 – Discussing the Open Beta

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ESB Battlefield 1 Pre-Launch Council #1 – Discussing the Open Beta

General Information

During this first Battlefield 1 Council we will be discussing a variety of topics, designed to give us initial ideas regarding what needs to be looked at prior to launch, brainstorm on the future of the competitive scene and collect feedback relating to the game. We would therefore like to invite all Xbox One and PlayStation 4 competitive teams to participate.

  • What about Conquest Small?

As many of you have already heard, as of now, there will be no Conquest Small in Battlefield 1. What does that mean for the current Conquest scene? Should we cut out Conquest Small maps ourselves out of the Conquest Large ones? If yes, what are your initial ideas regarding Sinai Desert & St.Quentin Scar? Or do certain teams prefer moving to Rush?

Could this be what Conquest Small on Sinai Desert looks like?
  • Which game modes and formats should be played?

While it’s still early to say, how does the 16v16/12v12 Conquest scene from Battlefield 4 translate over to Battlefield 1? Is it time to go the 8v8 way on console as well, or can there be room for both like towards the end of Battlefield 4?

  • How do you feel about Hero classes?

Should they be allowed? Should they be banned? What are your initial thoughts on the subject?

This is just a brief preview of some of the questions we will pick your brains with in order to initiate constructive discussions.
Come with your ideas and feedback about the Beta and let us know what you think should be tested out first as soon as the game launches.


The meeting will be held on Sunday September 11th at 12pm EDT / 6pm CEST. Below is a countdown leading to the meeting start.


This ESB Council is open to all competitive Xbox One and PlayStation 4 teams which plan to compete in Battlefield 1 and have played the Beta. Each Team will be allowed 1 to send one fix representative to each council. This means hundreds of teams are eligible to attend.

Established event organizers are also welcome to attend to join in on the conversation. Please contact @CodeName_Deus on twitter if you are interested in taking part.

The ESB Councils will happen over Discord from now on (Download Link Here). You may join the server directly by clicking HERE.

Every team who wishes to attend must fill in and submit the form below. A confirmation email will be sent to you within 12 hours of signing-up. Sign-ups close 2 hours prior to the meeting start.

Please make sure that your name on Discord matches your Battlelog name when you join our server or you will not be moved to the correct channel for the meeting.

For this meeting 30 slots will be available for teams (15 for X1 and 15 for PS4), and we will give teams who have actively competed in our past events priority over completely new ones. Confirmation emails will be sent to each team applying once they are confirmed.

Sign-up Form

Confirmed Teams


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PlayStation 4

  1. Venom eSports
  2. OpS Gaming
  3. 1UP eSport CQ
  4. [2eZy] ITS TOO EASY BRO
  5. LoYaL Gaming e-Sport
  6. Zero team e sports
  7. Cos Esport
  8. D3LiRiuM CLuB
  9. Gloria Victis
  10. iDn e-Sport
  11. KaoS eSports
  12. complex Simplicity
  13. inevitable Consequence
  14. Almighty
  15. EMPTY

Xbox One

  1. 1Nation
  2. creative Revolution
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