ESB League – Announcing the Season 4 Samsung MVP

In an incredibly tough regular season in which many players showcased their incredible talents, it wasn’t an easy MVP race. A lot of players stood out, but as the season progressed, four seemed to be playing at a consistently great level for their teams; Saintjdv (PLG), Jordy1-1 (PLG), jimmy_BF (KaoS), and NotPaaz (KaoS).

While all four of these players had some great performances throughout the season, two of them just played at an Elite level, even against the other top teams. We’re talking about Jordy1-1 and Saintjdv. This may just be the best duo we have seen in recent Battlefield esports history. The way both have complemented their respective playstyles through the season has been a joy to watch.

Having to pick either of them hasn’t been an easy task, and we had to do a deep dive into how each player performed in matches vs. the top 4 teams in their division.

To see the complete Season 4 stats, click HERE.

Offensive Stats vs. Top 4 teams:

PlayerGames PlayedATT KillsATT Kill pgATT DeathsATT Death pgATT +/- pgATT ScoreATT SPKATT K/DSectors WonObjectives Won

Glossary: pg: per game, ATT / DEF Kills: Total Kills as an Attacker or Defender, ATT / DEF Deaths: Total Deaths as an Attacker or Defender, ATT / DEF SPK: Score per Kill as an Attacker or Defender (Total Score as an Attacker or Defender / Total Kills as an Attacker or Defender), ATT / DEF K/D: Total Kills as an Attacker or Defender / Total Deaths as an Attacker or Defender

Here are the offensive stats of our Samsung MVP finalists vs. the top 4 PlayStation EU teams: ProLegion Gaming, KaoS eSports, reduX, and RAiD Black. This breakdown gives a much clearer picture of how each player performed in their toughest match-ups of the season. While at first glance, some of the stats may not seem impressive, breaking them down further per game shows how incredible they truly are. Being this consistent at such a high level is no easy task.

Jordy and Saint have been offensively impressive, as the stats here show.

Defensive Stats vs. Top 4 teams:

PlayerClassGames PlayedDEF KillsDEF Kills pgDEF DeathsDEF Deaths pgDEF +/- pgDEF ScoreDEF SPKDEF K/DSectors LostObjectives LostW/L

Defensively, the numbers are just as impressive across the board but somehow misleading if you aren’t familiar with 4v4 Rush and don’t watch the games. You would think that more kills here mean better performance, but on defense, this is far from the truth, or at least the direct comparison has to be made with the number of sectors lost. If your team isn’t losing many sectors and closing out games fast (like we saw PLG do throughout the season) it is normal that your kill totals will be lower. KaoS instead has had a great season offensively but struggled defensively, as you can see, and this is reflected in both Jimmy’s and Paaz’s stats, unfortunately.

While they do have 1.6 times more kills, they have almost 4x the amounts of sectors lost as Jordy and Saint, and the K/Ds reflect that as well. Looking at the defensive Score per Kills of each player, you can see they are fairly close, further emphasizing PLG’s defensive showcase throughout the season.

While Jordy and Saint have both played out of their minds, there can only be one Samsung MVP, and despite Jordy’s insane finals performance vs. KaoS, this is a regular-season award.

Without further ado, we are proud to present your Season 4 Samsung MVP, Saintjdv from ProLegion Gaming! Make sure you congratulate him on the incredible season!

He brings home an incredible Samsung Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor (32″, 240Hz), and a Samsung Odyssey Hoodie to celebrate the achievement. GGs!


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