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Introducing ESB Points

Introducing ESB Points


What are ESB Points?

Teams will now be able to earn points in all ESB events and see how they truly rank among other teams throughout the year. The ESB Points system will reward the top teams with exclusively prized invitational events during the year.


How do I earn ESB Points?

ESB Points are awarded to teams based on how they perform in various events. Teams will earn both RP and PPW in each event they participate in, and they will both combine into their ESB Points total. Each event, based on the type and prizes will be classified as either Gold, Silver or Bronze and will award more/less RP and PPW depending on the event type.

  • Rank Points (RP)
    • 1 RP = 1 ESBP
    • Gained through your team’s final placement in events.
  • Points per Win (PPW)
    • 1 PPW = 1 ESBP
    • Gained through each win your team earns in an event.


How can I start earning ESB Points?

The first thing you will need to do is create a team on our website (https://esport-battlefield.com/teams/). After that, while the ESB Points system is still in Beta and being worked on, you can already start earning points for the first 2018 Season by participating in our newly launched 5v5 Domination Ladder on PS4. The first rankings will be released on Friday January 12th 2018 on our website.

You can sign-up for the ladder by clicking the link below:




◈ NAME & AKA: Thomas "Prince" Colombo

◈ COUNTRY: Italy

◈ LIVING IN: Barcelona

◈ BIRTH YEAR: 1989

◈ PSN ID: PrinceOftheStar (Not Competitive Games)

◈ PSN ID: LW__Prince (Competitive Games)


- Killzone 3 with LNI (Member)
- Battlefield 3 with RAGE Clan (Member)
- Battlefield 3 with Lone Wolves (Leader)
- Killzone SF with Genesis eSport (Leader)
- Call of Duty: Ghosts with Genesis eSport (Leader)
- Call of Duty: AW with Genesis eSport (Leader)
- Call of Duty: AW with Lone Wolves (Leader)
- Call of Duty: AW with WAVE Ubiquity (Leader)
- Battlefield: Hardline with WAVE Wolves (Leader)
- Call of Duty: BO3 with Rewind Wolves (Leader)
- Battlefield 4 with Lone Wolves (Leader)
- Battlefield 1 with Lone Wolves (Leader)

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