ESB All-Stars



ESB_AllStar_Wallpaper rough draft v5ESB and xEGA are proud to present their first All-Star event. On March 7th 2015 we will bring together 40 of the best 5v5 Players from both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The whole event will be live-cast on

Each platform will feature 20 players, 15 receiving invitations from ESB and xEGA, and 5 voted in by the community. Community voting will begin on Monday February 23rd and end on Sunday March 1st. More information regarding voting will be released on the 23rd.

From the 20 Players, 4 five man teams will be randomized. Each of these teams will compete against each other in a BO1 Winner stays type format featuring a 7 map rotation in Domination. At the end of the 7 Maps, the team with the most wins will be crowned champion.

An example of how it works. There will be Team A, B, C and D. Team A and B get picked to start on the first map. Team A and B play 1 Map (2 Sides) and Team A wins. For the next map, Team A stays and another team joins the server, in this case Team C. Now Team A and Team C play, whoever wins this map, will play against Team D on the next map. As long as a team wins, they keep playing. This goes on until all 7 maps are played at least once overall.

If this event proves successful we will be hosting it on a regular basis, and also explore hosting a Conquest Small version.