Hardline – Proposing a New Global Ruleset

Hardline – Proposing a New Global Ruleset

We would like to propose a reworking of the Hardline rules in order to make them more appealing to both the new and confirmed competitive players alike. Our PROMOD rules have now become the standard for 5v5 matches in Hardline, however this has come at a cost; the players got tired of using the same weapon over and over, and the new potential competitive players don’t feel attracted to such rules as they can’t relate them to public matches and use their favorite weapons.

At Gamescom while meeting with Hardline’s very own Lead MP Designer Thaddeus Sasser about various aspects of the game and exchanging feedback received from some of the more active teams, the topic of TTK came up. TTK stands for Time To Kill, this is essentially the time it takes for you to kill the player you are shooting at, based on your weapon’s damage, rate of fire, distance etc . One of the main reason that Promod rules where created and embraced, was because everyone felt the TTK in Hardline was too low, which lead to a constant feeling of getting “1 shot” when in reality it was just the game it self going that fast. A simple solution that was found throughout our meeting, which everyone had surprisingly ignored up to this point, was to reduce the Bullet Damage Modifier option in the server settings from 100% to 72%.

Why 72%?

Changing the Bullet Damage Modifier from 100% to 72% now means that both the M416 and M16A3 which before caused 24 Damage each, now cause 17.28, which is perfectly in line with the RO993 with 100% Damage Modifier (see table below). This means that all the other weapons don’t “one shot” as they did before, and that while Sniper Rifles will keep being 1 shot kills to the head, however they won’t keep doing as much damage when hitting you in other body parts.

weapon modifier chart v2
Weapon Damage Comparison: 100% vs 72% Bullet Damage Modifier
weapon modifier chart 2v1
SMG Damage Comparison: 100% vs 72% Bullet Damage Modifier

Now, below we have made a very rough draft of what the new set of rules could look like with the damage reduction setting active, and we have added the new weapons that where released for everyone when robbery released, while keeping DLC exclusive weapons and items banned. We would like to collect your feedback and possibly hold polls and a Council in the upcoming weeks so we can shape a new set of Hardline rules, prior to some important events we are planning to launch.

We ask you to be constructive with this feedback and let us know what you would change from the draft rule set below and why.

(Remember this is just a very rough draft we put together, a lot of things could change before the final version goes live) (Don’t hesitate to point out any mistakes we made with items in the wrong subsections)

Bellow you will find the new proposed ruleset:

Key Server Settings:

  • Friendly Fire: YES
  • 3D Spotting: NO
  • Bullet Damage Modifier in %: 72

Allowed Classes: Operator / Mechanic / Enforcer / Professional

Banned Classes: None



Primary Weapons:
  • Allowed: RO993 / SG553 / AKS-74U / G36C / M16A3 / M416 / ARM / FAMAS
  • Banned: CAR-556 / ACW-R / L85A2 / AKM / F2000 / MDC / RPK /  MP7 / M1A1 / M1
Secondary Weapons:
  • Allowed: 92FS / P226 / CZ-75 / G17
  • Banned: T62 Cew (Tazer) / Tracking Dart / FN57
  • Allowed: First Aid Pack / Defibrillators (Defibrillators are Banned in Rescue)
  • Banned: Survivalist / Gas Mask / Grappling Hook / Zipline / Stunt Driver

Mechanic (1 Maximum per Team)

Primary Weapons:
  • Allowed: UMP-45 / M-45 / UZI
  • Banned: MP5K / K10 / SCORPION / P90 / FMG9 / MPX /  MP7 / M1A1 / M1
Secondary Weapons:
  • Allowed: .38 SNUB / .357 RS 2 / .44 MAGNUM / .410 JURY
  • Banned:  FN57
  • Allowed: Repair Tool
  • Banned: M320 He 7 / Satellite Phone  / Sabotage / Armored Insert / Gas Mask / Grappling Hook / Zipline / Stunt Driver

Enforcer (1 Maximum per Team)

Primary Weapons:
  • Allowed: SCAR-H / HCAR / SA-58 OSW / HK51 /
  • Banned: 870P MAGNUM / 37 STAKEOUT / SPAS-12 / DOUBLE-BARREL SHOTGUN / KSG12 / SAIGA 12 / FAL / SG510 / MP7 / M1A1 / M1
Secondary Weapons:
  • Allowed: 45T / .40 PRO /
  • Banned: BALD EAGLE / M1911A1 / FN57
  • Allowed: Ammo Box
  • Banned: Ballistic Shield / Breaching Charge / Tactical Toolkit / Gas Mask / Grappling Hook / Zipline / Stunt Driver

Professional (1 Maximum per team)

Primary Weapons:
  • Allowed: Scout Elite / R700 LTR / AWM
  • Banned: .300 Knockout / Socom16 / SR-25 ECC / PTR-91 / SAIGA .308 / M82 .416 / MP7 / M1A1 / M1
Banned Primary Weapon Attachments:
  • (Only Long Range scopes allowed)
  • Banned: Straight Pull / .338 Magnum Rounds / Canted Iron Sights / RDS
Secondary Weapons:
  • Allowed: G18C
  • Banned: 93R / TEC-9 / MAC-10 / FN57
  • Allowed: Stealth Training
  • Banned: Laser Tripmine / Camera / Decoy / Grappling Hook / Zipline / Gas Mask / Stunt Driver


  • Allowed: M67 Frag / M18 Smoke / M84 Flashbang
  • Banned: Gas Grenade / Incendiary Device / Molotov / Throwing Knife / Throwing Knife Gold
Melee Weapons:
  • Allowed: All SHARP Weapons
  • Banned: ALL BLUNT Weapons

ALL DLC Weapons / Gadgets / Accessories are banned. Pick-up Weapons / Grappling Hooks / Ziplines are banned. The use of any ladder is also prohibited.