Welcome to our new home

ESB was created with the idea that the players and the community come first, and with this idea still at the forefront of everything we do, we are proud to welcome you to our new website.

The competitive Battlefield scene is home to some very passionate players, teams, organizers, and casters. We want to support as many of these amazing individuals as possible by promoting their work and dedication. We also want to make our scene more accessible to the average player and that new players have easy access to resources that can help them succeed in our scene.

Your one-stop for everything Battlefield Esports is here. 

Below is an overview of what you can find on the website and a preview of a few upcoming features.


  • News
    • Here you will find the latest competitive Battlefield news and interviews from both ESB and the community.
  • Events
    • Here you will find an event directory for all upcoming ESB events, together with events from other organizers like BCL & BFN (and more).
  • Community
    • Teams
      • Create your team’s social page to showcase your roster and achievements
    • Players
      • Create your player profile, socialize with other users, and more!
      • Achievements
        • All major ESB events will award badges for both participation and winning. Get ready to showcase your real trophy cabinet! (We will also work with other organizations to create winner badges for their events)
      • ESB Points
        • Earn ESB Points for participating in select events, rank-up, and gain added benefits to your ESB Membership!
  • Rulesets
    • Find all current BFV rulesets with active changelogs to easily keep track of everything.
    • Find all our past BF4, Hardline, and BF1 rulesets if you feel nostalgic and want to play one of the past Battlefield games.
  • Support
    • Get to know our staff, FAQs, and contact us for any assistance!
  • Resources
    • Map Spawns
      • Ever wondered where the exact spawns are for each 5v5 map? Wonder no more! No excuses to not be watching those spawns next game!
    • Map Callouts
      • Having trouble making the right callout? Hearing 5 different names for that same rock or building? We’ve made universal callout images to make it easier to make the right callout.
    • Weapon Guides & Stats
      • Are you a new player and don’t know how to specialize your weapon to start competing in 5v5? Are you a veteran that wants to find out exactly how each weapon behaves? We have created a page in collaboration with Sym.gg with Specialization guides and FTK (Frames to Kill) charts.

Upcoming Features:

  • ESB Newsletter
    • Battlefield Esport news delivered to your inbox every month! Impossible to miss anything! (Don’t forget to sign-up for it when creating your ESB Account).
  • Multi-Lingual
    • Like the previous version of the website, our new website will be fully translated into multiple languages to make it as accessible as possible to various communities worldwide.
  • Player Verification
    • Get verified! We will have more information on this and its benefits in the future.

We still have a lot more to share with you over the coming months. Lookout for more information Soon™.


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