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Roadmap: Winter/Spring 2020

Roadmap: Winter/Spring 2020

ESB League BFV Season 1

ESB League is back! Bigger and better than ever! Help us kick off Battlefield V Season 1 by making this our biggest season yet!

We will be offering 5v5 Squad Conquest, 8v8 Squad Conquest and 16v16 Conquest across a variety of regions and platforms, what are you waiting for?

Join the oldest active event series in the Battlefield franchise, and write your name in our history books!

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Weekly 5v5 ODCs

Every Wednesday, starting with the 26th of February 2020, we will be hosting weekly Single-Elimination One Day Cups on 5v5 Squad Conquest. We want to provide new teams and players alike an accessible way to dive into competitive Battlefield V without having to commit to long schedules and formats. This will also be a great way for experienced teams to take a break from scrims and enjoy a few hours of matches against new and random opponents.

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ESB Points are back!

Teams will now be able to earn points through all 5v5 ESB events they participate in and see how they truly rank among other teams throughout the year. The ESB Points system will aim to reward the top teams with exclusively prized invitational events, team showcases, and more throughout the year.

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Website Upgrade

A new version of our website is on its way! This big update will add a lot of features and focus on making competitive Battlefield as accessible as possible to both fans and players alike.

While we can’t wait to show you some previews and talk about this more, you will have to be patient with us a little longer.

& more!

We can’t wait to show you everything else we have been working on! More news coming Soon™.




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