ESB Council #5

esb council #5 wallpaper


Update on the Glory Series

On March 10th we announced the Glory Series. Originally we expected private servers to have been released by this point,  and we had therefore planned to start the Qualification Tournaments this coming weekend (April 4th-6th). Unfortunately private servers are still a big mystery, EA and DICE have yet to give the community a release date, and this means that event organization won’t be easy (and in some cases impossible) until that happens.

We are therefore forced to delay the start of the Glory Series until EA/DICE announce and release private servers.

However, this doesn’t mean we will be ignoring the community’s thirst to compete, after the great success of our Road to Glory Series Ladder (79 Matches in 5 Weeks) and Playoffs, we have heard that the community wants a second season. Originally we had only planned one season, however due to the delay in the Glory Series due to servers, we are very open to the idea, all we need is a more accurate idea of the number of teams interested.

We encourage all the teams interested, and signed-up on our website to attend this  5th ESB Council to vote on whether or not we should host a second season. The choice is yours! Let your voice be heard!

Update on Defuse Rules

The community has been talking, and we have been listening!

  • Teams have been expressing concern over being able to run 5 man RPG/SMAW/LAW squads, and while not wanting rocket launchers to be completely banned, teams have expressed a desire to restrict the use of rocket launchers to 1 per team. Teams attending will therefore be able to vote on whether rocket launcher use should be restricted or kept the way it currently is.
  • Prior to the Road to Glory Series Playoffs, we had an emergency council to vote on whether the Scar-H and the ACE 52 should be removed from competitive 5v5 play. The result was a clear desire to ban the Scar-H, while the ACE 52 caused mixed feelings and the vote was pretty balanced. This is why the Scar-H wasn’t used during the playoffs. However, we want to give the teams that didn’t get a chance to vote on this topic an opportunity to do so at this coming council before applying it to the general rules.
  • As grenades did receive some balancing in recent patches, teams will be able to vote on whether current rules regarding grenades should be changed or kept the same.

Teams will also be given the chance to voice their concerns over other topics as usual.

How does my team attend?

This ESB Council is open to teams that have submitted an application on our website prior to April 3rd. Each Team will be allowed 1 to send one fix representative to each council. This means 110+ Teams are eligible to attend.

The ESB Councils happen over TeamSpeak 3 (Download Link Below), and requires a check-in on the Friday 4th or Saturday the 5th.


You may check-in by contacting CodeName_Deus via Battlelog or Twitter. Every team who wishes to attend must check-in to confirm attendance, name of representative, and to obtain TS3 access.