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ESB PS4 BF4 12v12 Showmatch

ESB PS4 BF4 12v12 Showmatch


As part of our Road to BFV event series (https://esport-battlefield.com/road-to-bfv/), one of the highlights is our 12v12 (originally 16v16) Conquest Small showmatch on PlayStation 4. We have reunited some of the best and most active players that competed in ESB conquest events during Battlefield 4, and look forward to a great match with some very familiar faces.

The maps being played are Hainan Resort, Dawnbreaker and Zavod 311, with all 3 maps taking place regardless of the score of the first two.

Below is a list of players that will be participating, with teams being announced this coming Friday October 19th.

Don’t forget to tune into the livestream on Sunday October 21st 2018 at 3:00pm EDT / 9:00pm CEST (https://www.twitch.tv/esbinternationaltv).

Jet Pilots:

  1. [V] scv-2796 (Accepted through form)
  2. [Ao1] InFamouS_MeDoO (Accepted through form)

Heli Pilots:

  1. [KaoS] super-star-9 (Accepted through form)
  2. [HELL] Stalker-X9 (Accepted through form)

Heli Gunners:

  1. [GV] JanApaczTrzeci (Accepted through form)
  2. [KaoS] crayons-are-mine (Invited)


  1. [GV] howi66howi (Tanker) (Accepted through form)
  2. [KaoS] Eroin—7 (Tanker) (Accepted through form)
  3. [DiVs] BaTTleToadSs (Tanker) (Accepted through form)
  4. [Ao1] Tertainy (Tanker) (Invited)


  1. [iDn] iiFeRzaTChe (Assault) (Accepted through form)
  2. [V] Jordy1-1 (Assault) (Accepted through form)
  3. [Ao1] Cat-boy123 (Engineer) (Accepted through form)
  4. [V] Marksman5147_TD (Assault) (Accepted through the form)
  5. [V] The_BERG_366 (Recon) (Accepted through the form)
  6. [dN] InvictusPredator (Engineer) (Accepted through the form)
  7. [DiVs] iMPaz12 (Engineer) (Accepted through the form)
  8. [V] BIGGIEndNAS (Engineer) (Accepted through the form)
  9. [V] LilwhiteDuck (Engineer) (Accepted through the form)
  10. [cS] ThefilthyMonkey3 (Engineer) (Accepted through the form)
  11. [GV] Big_ben99 (Assault) (Accepted through form)
  12. [V] VeNoM_xMerKz (Engineer) (Accepted through the form)
  13. [RBL] eXcitabLe_StronG (Assault) (Accepted through the form)
  14. [KaoS] SirOConnor69 (Recon) (Invited)


TeamRepresentatives in Showmatch
Venom eSports7
Army of One3
Gloria Victis3
KaoS eSports3
Division Gaming2
complexSimplicity eSports1
Infantry Destruction1

Team Alpha

Jet Pilot:

  • [V] scv-2796

Heli Crew:

  • [KaoS] super-star-9 (Pilot)
  • [GV] JanApaczTrzeci (Gunner)


  • [KaoS] Eroin—7 (Main Tanker)
  • [DiVs] BaTTleToadSs (Secondary Tanker)


  • [GV] Big_ben99 (Assault)*
  • [V] The_BERG_366 (Recon)
  • [V] Jordy1-1 (Assault)
  • [dN] InvictusPredator (Engineer)
  • [V] LilwhiteDuck (Engineer)
  • [cS] ThefilthyMonkey3 (Engineer)
  • [V] VeNoM_xMerKz (Engineer)

*Team Captain

Team Bravo

Jet Pilot:

  • [Ao1] InFamouS_MeDoO

Heli Crew:

  • [HELL] Stalker-X9 (Pilot)
  • [KaoS] crayons-are-mine (Gunner)


  • [GV] howi66howi (Main Tanker)
  • [Ao1] Tertainy (Secondary Tanker)


  • [KaoS] SirOConnor69 (Recon)*
  • [V] Marksman5147_TD (Assault)
  • [V] BIGGIEndNAS (Engineer)
  • [iDn] iiFeRzaTChe (Assault)
  • [Ao1] Cat-boy123 (Engineer)
  • [DiVs] iMPaz12 (Engineer)
  • [RBL] eXcitabLe_StronG (Assault)

*Team Captain



Road to BFV – A Battlefield 4 Event Series

Road to BFV – A Battlefield 4 Event Series


With the Battlefield V Open Beta now over, we have 2 months left before the game officially releases. During these next 2 months, we will be hosting a series of Battlefield 4 events on both PC and PS4 as a final goodbye to a game that many enjoyed competitively across all platforms.

On PC, with the help of Team Symthic, we will be hosting both a 5v5 Domination Cup and a 10v10 Conquest Small Cup. While on PlayStation 4, we will be hosting a 5v5 Domination Cup and a 16v16 Conquest Small showmatch featuring some of the best players that competed in ESB events throughout Battlefield 4.

The events will be open to players/teams from both Europe and North America, with server rules being detailed on the event pages.

Each Cup will be run via Battlefy, with teams being able to register their teams and players as usual (please visit the “Tutorials” section of this article if you need help signing-up). The showmatch will have a form through which players will be able to sign-up (we will however be sending out a few personal invites starting next weekend to certain players).

For a full schedule and event breakdown please visit the “Schedule” section of this article. Please note that each PC events runs over 2 days and that each PS4 event happens on the single day.

We hope you enjoyed the Battlefield V Open Beta and we hope to see you compete in this event series soon!

Schedule & Sign-ups

Note: Sign-up links will be posted in this section once sign-ups open as described below.
Note 2: Each Cup has a Swiss Style Bracket, meaning each team will have 5 matches to play regardless of how many they Win/Lose.




  • PS4 – Battlefield 4 – 16v16 Conquest Small Showmatch – Sunday October 21st 2018 – 3pm EDT / 9pm CEST
    • Sign-ups OPEN on Wednesday September 19th at 3:00pm EDT / 9:00pm CEST
    • Sign-ups CLOSE on Monday October 15th at 6:00am EDT / 12:00pm CEST
    • Rosters announced on Wednesday October 17th at 3:00pm EDT / 9:00pm CEST
    • Showmatch will last roughly 2 hours.
    • Sign-up form: https://goo.gl/forms/mhSylg2Sd5cTLRGG2




Battlefy – Team Creation

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Battlefy – Event Registration

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F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the roster size for these events?
    • Roster sizes for each event can be found directly in section 1.6 of the rules in each of the individual Battlefy event pages
  • When is the registration deadline?
    • Registration deadlines for each event can be found in the “Schedule” section of this article.
  • What is the format of each cup?
    • Each Cup has a Swiss Style Bracket, meaning each team will have 5 matches to play regardless of how many they Win/Lose.
  • Are there any prizes?
    • No, there are no prizes for this event.
  • Will the cups be casted live?
    • Yes all the cups will be casted live, together with the showmatch. A weekly stream schedule will be posted on each Monday of the event weeks.
  • Will I be able to sign-up with my team for the PS4 Conquest Showmatch?
    • No, only players will be able to sign-up individually for the showmatch.
  • How will the players for the showmatch be selected?
    • We will be prioritizing players who have participated in ESB events throughout Battlefield 4. Remaining slots will be filled up on a first-come first-served basis.



Battlefield 1 Incursions – The Winners!

Battlefield 1 Incursions – The Winners!

Battlefield 1 Incursions has been a wild ride that has finally come to an end, and with Battlefield V just around the corner we would like to celebrate and acknowledge the 3 main winners of our Incursions events before closing this competitive chapter indefinitely. Congratulations once again to all the winners and a big thank you to all the other teams that participated in our Incursions events.


ESB & G4G Incursions Championship – PS4 – ApeX E-Sports – 1000€


After qualifying as the 2nd seed , by playing in 4/5 of the qualifiers and accumulating 310 points, ApeX headed into the Championship Weekend as one of the favorites to win it all.

They started the championship weekend strong but fell in the winner’s bracket final to FAB Games, and where forced into the losers bracket. They then went on to defeat eXz and reconquered a spot in the Grand Final vs FAB Games, which had absolutely no answer against ApeX which went on to win 2 BO3 matches in a row vs them in order to be crowned Champions, in a comeback that will be remembered for the years to come!

ApeX E-Sports brought home 1000€ with this win!


ESB League Season 3 – PS4 – Strangers with Candy – 500€

After going 14-0 in Division 3 with a +138 points differential, and heading into playoffs as the 8th Seed, SwC showed their excellent preparation and consistency by beating their former team in the first round, and then handing out a clean 2-0 (12-3) to the favorites, ApeX, in the Grand Finals.

Despite playing the full Season in Division 3, SwC proved to all the Division 1 & 2 teams that they where in it to win it!

Strangers with Candy brought home 500€ with this win!






ESB South American Incursions Championship –  PC – TNTG

TNTG finished 3rd in the Qualification stage with 3 wins and 2 losses behind mentira (4-1) and ApeX (5-0). Despite not being favorites, TNTG showed the South American community that standings don’t mean a thing!

They went on to defeating mentira 2-0 in the Semi-Finals, and dominated ApeX in the finals with a clean 2-0 (5-1) win vs the favorites.

Despite there not being any prizes for this event, TNTG proved to everyone what they can do and will be heading into Battlefield V as the South American PC team to beat!





ESB arrives at Gamescom 2018!

ESB arrives at Gamescom 2018!

ESB will be at Gamescom for the 5th year in a row! Are you attending? We want to meet you!

We’ll be in Köln from Monday August 20th to Friday August 24th, if you are attending, tweet us or message us on Discord!

We’ve made a #Gamescom channel in our Discord server to talk about what will be seeing as it happens and for those of you following live from home to discuss what’s happening.

Follow us on twitter @eSportBF for live-updates on where to find us and you might even win some exclusive ESB merchandise!




We are proud to officially welcome POLSKA LIGA BATTLEFIELD into the ESB Approved partner program. With Battlefield V just around the corner, and the Polish competitive community striving and getting ready for the next chapter in competitive Battlefield, we want to help promote their hard work in an effort to do bigger and better events together moving forward.

Want to visit their website and find out more? Visit:

Here we sit down with tadek202, the founder, in order to get to know him better.

How and when did you get into Battlefield eSports?

I always liked competitive gaming. For me it started in 2013 with Battlefield 4. I joined my first platoon and started to play and organize matches.

What made you start POLSKA LIGA BATTLEFIELD, and what are the biggest challenges you face in your community?

The Polish e-sport Battlefield scene was full of competitive matches, but we were missing a proper league. In 2017 me and a couple of “Battlefield friends” decided that we would like to build a professional league for Polish PS4 gamers. Shortly after that, gamers from Xbox and PC wanted to join as well. Within one year we became a professional organization with leagues and championships for all platforms.

What are your thoughts on Battlefield 1 Incursions?

The Incursions mode is very interesting. It’s perfect for a team play. We are very happy that it will be continued in Battlefield V.

What do you hope to see in Battlefield V, on the eSports side of things?

The most interesting for us are the Incursions and Domination modes. Those are the type of games our players love!

What does this partnership with ESB mean to your organization?

ESB is a prestigious organization. We believe that this partnership will bring a possibility to further develop both parties. It is also a chance for Polish teams to take part in international events.

Where can people follow your organization?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PolskaLigaBattlefield/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PolishLeagueBF
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/polska.liga.battlefield/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/PolskaLigaBattlefield/

Update – G4G Incursions Championship

Update – G4G Incursions Championship

Event Changes

Some fairly big changes will be coming to the G4G Championship, with some scheduling changes for both the PS4 and PC events, the introduction of the X1 Section and a slight change to the playoff format.

The changes below are already live and have also been updated on the event article as well.

PlayStation 4:

  • Qualifiers #3, #4, #5 have been moved from Saturdays at 5pm CEST to Sundays 5pm CEST.
  • Each Qualifier will now required 8 teams to run instead of 4


  • Qualifiers #3, #4, #5 have been moved from Saturdays at 5pm CEST to Wednesdays 8pm CEST
  • PC Qualifiers will relaunch starting from Wednesday May 30th 2018.
  • PC Prize-pool has been reduced from 1,000€ to 500€.
  • Each Qualifier will now required 8 teams to run instead of 4


  • The X1 Championship has been introduced with a 500€ Prize-pool
  • 3 Qualifiers have been introduced on Sundays 8pm CEST, dates and sign-ups can be found in the main article below.
  • Each Qualifier will now required 8 teams to run instead of 4


  • Playoffs have been changed from Top 16 to Top 8 across all platforms.


For more information regarding the G4G Incursions Championship, and how to sign-up please visit:




ESB League – BF1 Season 3 is here!

ESB League – BF1 Season 3 is here!


Incursions is finally upon us, and now that it’s available on every platform it’s time to kick of our 3rd Battlefield 1 ESB League season. We are proud to announce that we have partnered with LeroyMerlin to power this season and to help us build the future of competitive Battlefield.

Season 3 will focus on Incursions only, and will mark the start of a new era on our league website, with improved player profile/statistics and the return of our popular ESB All-Stars event from Battlefield 4!

In this article you will find all the information you need to qualify and participate in the event, and don’t forget that sign-ups are already open!

Don’t forget to also sign-up for our Incursions Championship with a 2,000€ Prizepool! Find out more by clicking HERE.


Prizes & Regions:

For Season 3 we will be featuring the following leagues on PS4, PC and X1, and a 1,000€ Prizepool
  • Battlefield 1 – 5v5 Incursions – PS4 EU – 500€ Prizepool
  • Battlefield 1 – 5v5 Incurisons – PC EU – 500€ Prizepool
  • Battlefield 1 – 5v5 Incursions – X1 EU – No current Prizepool
  • Battlefield 1 – 5v5 Incursions – PS4 NA – No current Prizepool



There will be 2 Qualifiers for each Platform/Region. The Qualifiers have a One Day Cup, single elimination bracket format. Since a new game mode is being played, no team will have a guaranteed spot from Season 2 carry over, meaning that each team will be required to play in the qualifiers if they wish to participate in Season 3.

Each Qualifier you participate in, will earn you points that count towards acquiring a spot in our league depending on how well your team does in each Qualifier. After both Qualifiers are over, the final ranking will be published and the Top teams will earn their spot in a division of their respective Platform/Region. If there are enough teams competing in our Qualifiers, we will open extra Divisions where necessary. (Note: Division spots will be assigned based on each team’s final ranking. Ranks 1-8 will earn a spot in Division 1, 9-16 in Division 2, and 17-24 in Division 3.)

  • 1st100pts
  • 2nd75pts
  • 3rd50pts
  • 4th35pts
  • 5th-8th20pts
  • 9th-16th10pts
  • 17th-32nd5pts
  • 33rd-64th2pts




League Schedules:

Note that ALL leagues (and respective divisions) feature 2 Matches a Week.



  • Qualifier #1: Sunday May 13th ( EU PC / EU X1 / EU PS4 / NA PS4 )
  • Qualifier #2: Sunday May 20th ( EU PC / EU X1 / EU PS4 / NA PS4 )


Regular Season: Full Game Schedule released on Wednesday May 23rd on the first day of the Season.

  • Week 1:  Wednesday May 23rd – Sunday May 27th
    • Match 1: Sunday May 27th
  • Week 2: Monday May 28th – Sunday June 3rd
    • Match 2: Thursday May 31st
    • Match 3: Sunday June 3rd
  • Week 3: Monday June 4th – Sunday June 10th
    • Match 4: Thursday June 7th
    • Match 5: Sunday June 10th
  • Week 4:  Monday June 11th – Sunday June 17th
    • Match 6: Thursday June 14th
    • Match 7: Sunday June 17th
  • All-Star Break: Monday June 18th – July 1st
    • All-Star Voting Begins: Monday June 18th
    • All-Star Voting Ends: Friday June 22nd
    • All-Star Draft: Saturday June 23rd
    • General Roster Lock: Monday June 25th
    • All-Star Game: Saturday June 30th
  • Week 5:  Monday July 2nd – Sunday July 8th
    • Match 8: Thursday 5th
    • Match 9: Sunday July 8th
  • Week 6: Monday July 9th – Sunday July 15th
    • Match 10: Thursday July 12th
    • Match 11: Sunday July 15th
  • Week 7: Monday July 16th – Sunday July 22nd
    • Match 12: Thursday July 19th
    • Match 13: Sunday July 22nd
  • Week 8: Monday July 23rd – Thursday July 26th
    • Match 14: Thursday July 26th


Playoffs: Brackets Released on Friday July 27th

  • Playoffs Weekend: Saturday July 28th – Sunday July 29th
    • Quarter-Final: Saturday July 28th
    • Semi-Final: Saturday July 28th
    • Final: Sunday July 29th


Note: The Standard Times for each regular season match is at 9pm CEST for the EU events, and 9pm EDT for the NA event.




Note: The Qualifiers will run through Battlefy, which means you must create your team there and sign-up for each qualifier individually if you wish to participate.








Points earned by each team, divided by each category will be displayed here.
Note: Until Monday May 14th 2018 this section will remain empty.

Note: Division spots will be assigned based on each team’s final ranking. Ranks 1-8 will earn a spot in Division 1, 9-16 in Division 2, and 17-24 in Division 3.

PS4 EU – 5v5 Incursions

RankTeam NameWinsPointsQualifiers Played
1Team eXistenZ81752
2ApeX e-Sports81752
3Virtual Team71002
4Guerrilla Warfare [GWsk]5552
5Lone Wolves4552
7FAB Games eSports1302
8Prototype eSport By Irae1302
9RuN eSports1252
10ShinE Team1201
11FROGGIES Esport0202
12Level 1100202
13Soldados de Fortuna SDF0202
16Spanish Blood0152
17Royal Revolution eSports0152
18Clan von Niemand0102
19BuffalO Shine eSport0101
21Tribe eGaming0101
22Exon Nation0101


PC EU – 5v5 Incursions

RankTeam NameWinsPointsQualifiers Played
1PENTA Sports21252
2Legion Gaming11102
6Manguste eSports00DNP





Battlefy – Team Creation

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Battlefy – Event Registration

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F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I need to play all the qualifier events?
    • This Season, teams aren’t required to play both qualifiers. We however recommend playing in both if your team wishes to qualify for Division 1.
  • Can we change the roster between qualifiers?
    • Rosters may be switched up between the qualifiers, however at least 3 players must be the same between both qualifiers. A reminder that players may only attempt qualifying with one team per tournament rules.
  • What is the roster size for this event?
    • Each Qualifier has a roster cap of 6, however once Season 3 launches, teams will be allowed to feature 10 players on their rosters.
  • When is the registration deadline?
    • The registration for each Qualifier closes 2 hours before each Qualifier starts as detailed in the “Schedule” tab on each event page on Battlefy.
  • Will the roster size be increased for the playoffs?
    • Roster size will remain 10 throughout Season 3, both in the Regular Season and throughout the Playoffs.
  • Will the league be hosted on Battlefy?
  • How many divisions will there be? How many teams per Division?
    • There will be 3 Divisions, each made up of 8 teams as normal.
  • How will the playoffs work? be seeded?
    • Playoffs will invite the Top 8 teams to compete for the final prize-pool. The 1-8 seeds will be attributed as follows:
      • #1 Seed: 1st Place in Division 1
      • #2 Seed: 2nd Place in Division 1
      • #3 Seed: 3rd Place in Division 1
      • #4 Seed: 4th Place in Division 1
      • #5 Seed: 5th Place in Division 1
      • #6 Seed: 1st Place in Division 2
      • #7 Seed: 2nd Place in Division 2
      • #8 Seed: 1st Place in Division 3
  • How will the prize-pool be distributed?
    • The final prize-pool for each league will be winner-takes all.







Battlefield 1 Incursions is Back!

Battlefield 1 Incursions is Back!


The original article can be found: HERE



The time has come to open the Battlefield 1 Incursions servers again! And this time, we’re doing it on all supported platforms: PC, Xbox and PS4*.

Over the last month we have made quite a few changes to the experience, based on feedback and discussions with the community.

*Battlefield 1 Incursions is available for Battlefield 1 players who register in-game and are accepted into Battlefield 1 Incursions, Battlefield 1 PC Incursions Community Environment participants, and Battlefield 1 PS4/Xbox One Community Test Environment participants. Battlefield 1 Incursions is currently available for PC, Xbox One, PS4 NA and PS4 EU.



Players abandoning a match before it is over has been a problem we’ve been seeing for a few releases in the Battlefield 1 Incursions Community Environment. We have identified several reasons as to why this happens, and when it happens. The first big spike in disconnects happens at the 1-2 minute mark into the match. The second big spike happens at half-time.

The first spike is largely attributed to players not getting the kit they wanted, and being in a poor team composition with no Vehicle Operator, no Squad Leader, poor Anti-tank capabilities etc. The second spike is caused by the same underlying issues and happens more frequently when the match is one-sided.

We want to do a better job at easing players into the experience, to try to get rid of those spikes. We cannot assume a new player understands what a good team composition looks like, or what a winning strategy is. This is why we have introduced the Practice Match. It is played in one half only, and switching kits is enabled while at the deploy screen. There can still only be one unique kit of each per team, but it should allow players to better adapt to what is needed.

At the end of the Practice Match, the player ranking is unaffected. The player ranking will only ever be updated when playing Ranked – which will continue to have locked kits and plays over two halves.
We hope that this addition will improve the experience across both match experiences, as it helps separate new players and advanced players.



In previous releases, in-game progression was driven by time alive and how many kills you got. With this release, we are changing the system to better reward teamplay and performing tasks that benefits the team. The Trench Surgeon will get experience for healing and reviving, as an example. The amount of experience gained through an action is shown in the HUD. Please provide feedback on this system and let us know if you find a way to “game” it. We will be tracking it closely.

Speaking of in-game progression, there has been a lot of discussion on the topic, and we heard you loud and clear. We are continuing to look into this system and always welcome your constructive feedback.



There’s nothing worse than jumping into a match than to have someone exit and leave your team shorthanded. To curtail quitting mid-match, we will be instituting the following Deserter Penalties:

  • Abandoning a match will prevent you from matchmaking for 5 mins following the end of the match you left.
  • Abandoning 2 will prevent you from matchmaking for 1 hour following the end of the match you left.
  • Abandoning 3 will prevent you from matchmaking for 24 hours following the end of the match you left.




Raid Leader

  • Rank 1: Steel Resolve – Reduces incoming suppression effect.
  • Rank 2: Need Reinforcements – Can place an additional spawn point (2 total).
  • Rank 3: Press On – Getting a kill or assist adds suppression immunity and activates health regeneration.

Control Leader

  • Rank 1: On Me – Can be spawned on if no incoming damage or suppression occurred within the last 10 seconds.
  • Rank 2: Smoke Curtain – Smoke grenades fired from the crossbow will cover a larger area.
  • Rank 3: Quick Unspot – Spots expire 50% faster.

Battle Mechanic

  • Rank 1: Wrench Monkey – Increased vehicle repair speed and wrench damage.
  • Rank 2: Just a Dent – Driver will passively repair vehicle at a slow rate while out of combat.
  • Rank 3: Sustained Fire – Vehicle reload speed is increased.

Demolition Driver

      Frommer Stop Auto replaced with C96 Carbine

  • Rank 1: Tough Parts – Vehicle components are indestructible and vehicles are driveable at all health values.
  • Rank 2: Logistics – Vehicle respawn speed is increased.
  • Rank 3: Explosive Cargo – Exiting vehicle automatically plants 3 sticks of dynamite at the current location.

Trench Surgeon

  • Rank 1: Morale Aura – Heals friendly soldiers within a small radius.
  • Rank 2: Not On My Watch – Downed ally drops a smoke grenade when being spotted.
  • Rank 3: On Duty – Receives less damage when the syringe is out.

Mortar Support

  • Rank 1: Pitcher – Increased throwing range of pouches and grenades.
  • Rank 2: Crater & Crate – A large ammo crate is dropped when placing a mortar.
  • Rank 3: Super Suppression – Increased suppression efficiency.

AT Assault

  • Rank 1: Flak Jacket – Reduces incoming explosive damage.
  • Rank 2: Fire Bomb – AT Grenade has an incendiary effect when it explodes.
  • Rank 3: Limpet Charge Charge – Unlocks the ability to charge at an enemy with a limpet charge.

Proximity Recon

     Tripwire replaced with AT Mine.

  • Rank 1: Hasty Retreat – Increased sprint speed when being suppressed.
  • Rank 2: Proxy Capture – Decoy head can be used to assist allies in capturing an objective.
  • Rank 3: Pilferer – Achieving a melee kill causes the downed enemy to drop 3 ammo pouches.

Shock Assault

     Tripwire replaced with AT Mine.

  • Rank 1: Room For More – Increased max ammo count for explosives.
  • Rank 2: Steel Resolve – Reduces incoming suppression effect.
  • Rank 3: Explosive Hail – Crossbow fires multiple HE grenades.

Combat Sniper

  • Rank 1: Proxy – Alternate mortar shell can be used to assist allies in capturing an objective.
  • Rank 2: Sprint – Increases sprint speed.
  • Rank 3: Predator – When aiming down sight using primary weapon, enemy targets visible within the scoped FOV become highlighted.





  • Fixed an issue where the smoke for the Vehicle Recall could potentially not appear.
  • Prevented Trench Surgeons from endlessly deploying smoke on a downed teammate through their second ability. There is now a 16 second cooldown between each use.
  • Made suppression less dark and contrasty on Amiens.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed kits other than the Vehicle Operator to drive vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue where the smoke cloud deployed by the Revive Medic’s Not On My Watch ability would sometimes be desync’d from the revivee’s body.
  • Fixed a bug where certain placeable gadgets could not be passively spotted.
  • The Control Leader’s Flare Gun resupply is now on a timer to limit its spammability.
  • The Mortar will now gain accuracy mostly by firing.
  • Added new hint telling players about passive spotting when players attempt to spam the spot button.
  • Fixed issue with Combat Sniper playing male VO instead of female VO.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from deploying a spawn beacon as soon as it resupplied.
  • Improved the look of the Draft Outro.


  • Fixed several cases where the camera could be misaligned when spawning into the Armored Car. Issue still occurs, but less frequently than before.
  • The “objective ping” no longer tracks vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug where the deploy screen map icon for friendly light tanks wasn’t displaying.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the Demolition Driver’s Ability Tough Parts from activating.
  • The Tank Hunter and Close Support Tank will now show up as separate vehicles in kill logs.


  • Improved the clarity for UI text when between sectors on Desert and before being able to move on Amiens.
  • Fixed bug where, in certain cases, it looked like you could spawn on a flag or a person when you shouldn’t be able to.
  • On the deploy screen map, the icon for your team’s squad leader is now a star instead of a circle.
  • Added each team’s score to the UI.
  • Target Dummies in the Training Range have received a new look. They’re still dumb though.
  • New hints for loading screens! Who’s excited? I’m excited!
  • Amiens: Matches will now end early in the 2nd half if Team 2 takes more sectors than Team 1 took in the 1st half.
  • Amiens: Fixed a bug where defenders were prevented from spawning when attackers had 0 spawn tickets left.
  • Fixed issue where matches could potentially start with points already scored.
  • You can now look around while “frozen” at the start of Amiens or between sectors on Sinai Desert.
  • Fixed half time and end of round stats for spectators.
  • Fixed issue where players could potentially see the other team during the draft.


  • Fixed several issues which resulted in false positives with Deserter Penalties. Deserter Penalties are turned back on for Ranked Queue only.
  • Updated MMR calculation. This should result in fewer large MMR swings after placements. Additionally, new players’ starting MMR should more accurately reflect their (likely lower) skill.


Changed default settings for various items.

  • My Team Speaks My Language from false to true
  • Camera Shake from 0.8 to 0.3
  • Chromatic Aberration, Film Grain, and Lens Distortion from true to false
  • Kill Log from Hide to Show
  • Headshot Hit Indicator from White to Orange
  • Minimap Size from 125% to 135%
  • On-foot minimap radius from 75m to 100m

End of an Era Championship (PS4 5v5)

End of an Era Championship (PS4 5v5)

General Information

The End of an Era

Since 2013, Domination has been the go-to game mode for the competitive 5v5 Battlefield community. Over the years, hundreds of teams have played and competed in this game mode, however, with Incursion’s console release looming closer every day, domination’s demise seems inevitable. In order to celebrate this transition and as a way to finally put Battlefield 1 Domination behind us, we have decided to create this small event, both for bragging rights (for the winners) and as a way to have one last Battlefield 1 Domination event on PlayStation 4. It will also be a great way to start earning some ESB Points early ahead of Incursions.

This event will be open to teams from Europe, North America, and South America. It will feature 4 groups of teams attempting to earn a spot for the playoffs. There will be a total of 16 team slots open, however the groups will only feature teams from the same region, which essentially means that if your region is unable to fill at least 1 group (4 teams) then it won’t be allowed to participate in the event.

Please make sure you read and understand the schedule fully before signing your team up. For any questions don’t hesitate to message us on Discord via the link below.


ESB Points:

This event is classified as a Silver event, and teams will earn the following points based on their performances:

Points per Win: 15

Rank Points:

  • 1st: 70
  • 2nd: 45
  • 3rd: 25
  • 4th: 20
  • 5th-8th: 10

Note: Rank points are assigned based on playoff placement, and not the group stages.

Unclear on ESB Points and how they work? To find out more visit: 



Event Schedule


Regular Season:
  • Week 1: March 6th – 11th 2018
    • Match 1: Sunday (Standard)
  • Week 2: March 12th – 18th 2018
    • Match 2: Thursday (Standard)
    • Match 3: Sunday (Standard)
  • Week 3: March 19th – 25th 2018
    • Match 4: Thursday (Standard)
    • Match 5: Sunday (Standard)
  • Quarter-Final: Sunday April 1st 2018
  • Semi-Final: Sunday April 8th 2018
  • Final: Sunday April 15th 2018

Note: Standard times will be the following for the various stages of the tournament. Time zone changes will also occur during this event and therefore standard times will be adjusted accordingly in the official tournament rules.

  • EU Groups:
    • Thursdays – 9pm CET
    • Sundays – 8pm CET
  • NA/SA Groups:
    • Thursdays – 9pm EST
    • Sundays – 8pm EST
  • Playoffs:
    • Sundays – 3pm EDT / 9pm CEST


Sign-up Form

Note: Due to the limited spaces available to teams, signing up doesn’t guarantee your team a spot. Teams will be picked based on past activity in our previous Domination events.

Note 2: Make sure you have read and understood the schedule before signing up.

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Confirmed Teams

Note: Due to the limited spaces available to teams, signing up doesn’t guarantee your team a spot. Teams will be picked based on past activity in our previous Domination events.

Confirmed Teams:

EU Teams: (18/18)

  1. Tribe eGaming
  2. Finnish Publa Heroes
  3. ProLegion Gaming
  4. BuffalO Shine eSport
  5. Hazard
  6. Gloria Victis eSports
  7. Emperiial eSport
  8. Lone Wolves
  9. Clan von Niemand
  10. Guerrilla Warfare
  11. YaHooLiGaN’s
  12. VerteX
  13. Revenge eSport
  14. GFM eSports
  16. Apostoli Elitè
  17. iAce eSports
  18. Revelation eSport

NA/SA Teams: (6/6)

  1. Zdiv eSports (NA)
  2. IceNine (NA)
  3. iLLusionZ (NA)
  4. FeRaS do Brasil (SA)
  5. HonorBR (SA)
  6. CocoDrailS (SA)



Introducing ESB Points

Introducing ESB Points


What are ESB Points?

Teams will now be able to earn points in all ESB events and see how they truly rank among other teams throughout the year. The ESB Points system will reward the top teams with exclusively prized invitational events during the year.


How do I earn ESB Points?

ESB Points are awarded to teams based on how they perform in various events. Teams will earn both RP and PPW in each event they participate in, and they will both combine into their ESB Points total. Each event, based on the type and prizes will be classified as either Gold, Silver or Bronze and will award more/less RP and PPW depending on the event type.

  • Rank Points (RP)
    • 1 RP = 1 ESBP
    • Gained through your team’s final placement in events.
  • Points per Win (PPW)
    • 1 PPW = 1 ESBP
    • Gained through each win your team earns in an event.


How can I start earning ESB Points?

The first thing you will need to do is create a team on our website (https://esport-battlefield.com/teams/). After that, while the ESB Points system is still in Beta and being worked on, you can already start earning points for the first 2018 Season by participating in our newly launched 5v5 Domination Ladder on PS4. The first rankings will be released on Friday January 12th 2018 on our website.

You can sign-up for the ladder by clicking the link below:




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