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ESB News

Introducing ESB Points

Introducing ESB Points


What are ESB Points?

Teams will now be able to earn points in all ESB events and see how they truly rank among other teams throughout the year. The ESB Points system will reward the top teams with exclusively prized invitational events during the year.


How do I earn ESB Points?

ESB Points are awarded to teams based on how they perform in various events. Teams will earn both RP and PPW in each event they participate in, and they will both combine into their ESB Points total. Each event, based on the type and prizes will be classified as either Gold, Silver or Bronze and will award more/less RP and PPW depending on the event type.

  • Rank Points (RP)
    • 1 RP = 1 ESBP
    • Gained through your team’s final placement in events.
  • Points per Win (PPW)
    • 1 PPW = 1 ESBP
    • Gained through each win your team earns in an event.


How can I start earning ESB Points?

The first thing you will need to do is create a team on our website (https://esport-battlefield.com/teams/). After that, while the ESB Points system is still in Beta and being worked on, you can already start earning points for the first 2018 Season by participating in our newly launched 5v5 Domination Ladder on PS4. The first rankings will be released on Friday January 12th 2018 on our website.

You can sign-up for the ladder by clicking the link below:



Incursions Gameplay Data Analysis

Incursions Gameplay Data Analysis

From the /battlefield_comp Reddit, written by GottHoId

In the past weeks, we have supplied the E-sports Battlefield League with servers, so they could run a first test-cup. With each new release we gathered the data from these servers, to have a look, where the Meta of the game is going, how it currently plays and how well the mode does in regards of comebacks and such. We are obviously also gathering data from all matchmaker matches. But these are not as expressive in terms of the Meta as these ESB matches. The reason behind this is, a lot of people are just playing 1-3 rounds and after that, they stop playing. We can assume that players at that stage mostly try out Incursions and won’t know what they are doing. So, this generates a noise inside the Data, and prevents us from seeing any Meta. Furthermore, players that have already committed themselves to train and play with their teams deliver a way better data-set. Admittedly, it will still have a noise level, where lower skilled (this must be seen on the relative scale, on how good they already are) play the best teams in the cup (which played in previous titles ESL One, Pro series or in other top Divisions of the various leagues that exist in the community). Yet we assume the noise Level to be way lower, because teams always try to scrim equally matched opponents. Now let us get to the data and what we can learn from it.

In this graph, we can see how many games ended in a close result. During this test cup we changed on the matchmaker servers from first to 11 to first to 8. However we stuck first to 11 for this cup. 0 Set differences means it ended in a 10-10 and 11 Set differences means it ended in an 11-0. The Graph-labels which contain ‘old’ refer to the Incursions-Build 19th October to 1st November. And the ones that don’t refer to the build of the 2nd November to 16th November. As we can see, only 20% of the games ended close (11-7 => 10-10), while 51% of the games ended as a stomp (11-2 => 11-0). It took on average 3.84 Sets (479 seconds) for a team to start their comeback. A comeback in this case is, when a team manage to win their first set, after the first set of the game got won by the enemy team. The Cup started with 10 sets each round and normal experience gain speed, and so we maintained that in there too. This means whether the players already in the cup have a huge skill difference and they can’t find a matching opponent or our first game mode has a snowball effect. Therefor we are currently working on designs to push comeback moments.


In the Graph above you can see the top 15 selection of weapons, to which people died. We can observe that approximately 16% of all deaths are related to explosions and debris.

Here we can see how often each Kit got picked. As you might see there are 5 Kits, which get pretty much always picked, therefor we are trying to make other Kits more attractive and or nerf a bit other Kits.

Let us now find out, where the killing positions are at.

Here we can see a heat-map of Giant’s Shadow Redux. Spots that are hot (having a red to white tone) are positions where people tend to kill more than they die. Spots that are Cold (Having a green to blue tone) are positions where people die more than they kill. We can see here that roofs and high positions are good positions for killing people. Whereas the B house is almost a pure death trap. You can see that the entrances and windows have a red shimmer, which means usually people aggressively entering house or shooting from these spots tend to kill more, than they die. But staying and camping inside the B-house is definitely not a good idea. And here we can see why:

As you can see, the tank generates most of his kills on enemies that are in B-house or other spots where they have a wall behind them. This is due to the reason, that it is hard for the tank, to take out infantry before rank 2 (the tank unlocks a shotgun shell then). Further adding to this issue, that he has only 4 shots, and he sometimes needs to plan his shells through. So tankers rather wait for an infantry to have something next to them, so if they don’t hit its target directly that a close splash damage would kill it (if it is not an AT Assault). The bottom line of this is, don’t go into buildings if you have an enemy tank close by, try to make sure he has nothing to splash damage on, and make fast left and right movements, in the time he has a line of sight and nothing to splash on.


So let us take a look from where the tank does most of his kills and where he mostly dies at.

As you can see, the tank has 5 main spots, where he kills most from. While having at least on our first look no clear death position.

If we just look at where the tank dies the most,


We will see that there are actually hot spots, but comparing this to the heat-map above tells us, he makes way more kills from these positions either way.

Enough of the tank. We looked already at the power-positions of Giant’s Shadow Redux, but let us compare now, which power-position is more beneficial for which team-side.

The hot spots are here the power-spots for the left team, and the cold spots are the power-spots for the right team. Here we can see the left side has way more killing positions in B house and covers that are heading towards the right side back flag than vice versa.



If any of you have request for data or heat-maps for future posts, let me know! Also, if you enjoyed this one and want more, let me know. If you guys don’t want to see posts like these its fine as well, just tell me. We are always listening to feedback.


All Images can be found here aswell: https://imgur.com/a/dPTcP

Original Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield_comp/comments/7ezjiq/play_with_dice_gameplay_data_analysis/

Incursions comes to Season 2!

Incursions comes to Season 2!


While the Season 2 Qualifiers are starting this upcoming weekend on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we are making some changes to our initial PC plans detailed in the past weeks. With the Incursions Closed Alpha in full effect, we realize that focusing on other game modes isn’t ideal, and that all future efforts should be focused on Incursions, by both testing the game mode out extensively and providing constructive feedback to DICE.

With this in mind, PC Teams will be able to play 5v5 Incursions in ESB League Season 2, in an effort to both extensively test the game mode out in a competitive environment and see how it plays out in these early stages of development. DICE will be helping us make sure this test will run smoothly and they will be looking at the viability of the game mode in such a competitive environment.

Unfortunately, we will only be able to offer 16 PC Teams the opportunity to play in this event. We do however hope that in the future we will be able to expand this number greatly. While there won’t be any prizes due to Incursions still being in a Closed Alpha state, we do hope this will be a great opportunity to build the PC community back up and create more excitement for the release of Incursions.

In order to sign your team up for this event, please fill in the form in the “Sign-up” tab of this article. Due to the limited number of spaces, signing-up will not guarantee your team a spot. We will be going through all the sign-ups individually and making sure teams will be able to play for the full duration of the league before assigning spots.

Our League HUB (http://league.esport-battlefield.com/) will be updated in the coming weeks in order to get ready for Season 2.

To find out more about Season 2 on X1 and PS4, please visit the link below:


PC 5v5 Incursions League Schedule:

Please Note:

  • ALL leagues (and respective groups) feature 1 Match a Week only.
  • The schedule has been adapted to fit the Closed Alpha dates so please make sure you can play in the dates below before signing up.
  • As this is a test that goes hand in hand with the Closed Alpha being online, the schedule may slightly change moving forward.
  • Due to the Schedule below, North American teams that wish to participate will have to be very flexible with their playing times.

Regular Season:

  • Week 1 – Match 1: October 19th -22nd 2017 (Thursday-Sunday)
  • Week 2 – Match 2: October 26th-27th 2017 (Thursday-Friday)
  • Week 3 – Match 3: November 2nd -November 5th 2017 (Thursday-Sunday)
  • Week 4 – Match 4: November 9th -10th 2017 (Thursday-Friday)
  • Week 5 – No Match: November 13th -19th 2017
  • Week 6 – Match 5: November 23rd -26th 2017 (Thursday-Sunday)
  • Week 7 – Match 6: November 30th -December 3rd 2017 (Thursday-Sunday)
  • Week 8 – Match 7: December 7th -10th 2017 (Thursday-Sunday)


  • Playoffs Weekend: December 16th-17th 2017
    • Quarter-Final/Semi-Final on Saturday 16th 2017
    • Final/Third Place on Sunday 17th 2017





 Please note:

  • Sign-ups close on Thursday October 12th at 3pm EDT / 9pm CEST.
  • Due to the limited number of spaces, signing-up will not guarantee your team a spot.

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Confirmed Teams

The teams present below have been assigned a spot for Season 2. Two groups (A/B) will be created and randomized once sign-ups are over. Unfortunately we can only provide a total of 16 spots for this event.

PC 5v5 Incursions


  1. eLogic
  2. Meratua
  3. SemperFi Esports
  4. Manguste eSports A.S.D.
  5. Spray’n’Pray
  6. HEAT e-sports
  7. Pr0w
  8. Prototype eSports
  9. Penta Sports Community
  10. kARATE
  11. Team Debris
  12. ReVo Esport
  13. Hypetrain
  14. Memes and Dreams
  15. Thumbless

Waiting List:

  1. E2G
  2. LION
  3. EMPTY

ESB League – BF1 Season 2 is here!

ESB League – BF1 Season 2 is here!


After a successful first Battlefield 1 Season, and a nice summer break, ESB League is back! Season 2 will officially launch on October 16th, and for the first time ever we will be offering PC players a chance to compete in our league as well. Our League HUB (http://league.esport-battlefield.com/) will be updated in the coming weeks in order to get ready for Season 2.

To find out more about the PC Season, please visit:

Sign-ups for the all the Qualifiers will go live on Thursday September 28th 2017. The links to all the tournaments will be posted both in this article, on Twitter and in our official Discord server.

This season will not be offering prizes. With Incursions now in Closed Alpha and the full release hopefully around the corner, our main objective is to build the communities on each platform as much as possible before Incursions will be available to everyone. Once that happens we will be redesigning our league a bit and we will start offering prizes as well. In any case, we hope teams and players will still be happy to see one of our most popular events come back!


There will be 2 Qualifiers for each category. The Qualifiers have a One Day Cup, single elimination format. Teams that don’t have a guaranteed spot from Season 1 (see the “Divisions” tab) and that wish to participate in Season 2 will be required to participate in both Qualifiers available for their category (no exceptions).

Each Qualifier you participate in, will earn you points that count towards acquiring a spot in our league depending on how well your team does in each Qualifier. After both Qualifiers are over, the final ranking will be published and the Top teams will earn their spot in a division of their respective Game mode/Format (i.e. 5v5 or 12v12). If there are enough teams competing in our Qualifiers, we will open extra Divisions where necessary.

  • 1st100pts
  • 2nd75pts
  • 3rd50pts
  • 4th35pts
  • 5th-8th20pts
  • 9th-16th10pts
  • 17th-32nd5pts

For Season 2 we will be featuring the following leagues on both X1 and PS4:

  • Battlefield 1 – 12v12 Conquest – PS4/X1
  • Battlefield 1 – 8V8 Frontlines – PS4/X1
  • Battlefield 1 – 5v5 Domination – PS4/X1

If enough teams would like other game modes and formats, we may be able to make those happen as well.

Note: The standard day for 12v12s will be scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays for 8v8s/5v5s. This means that players who play in a 5v5 team, won’t be able to play in an 8v8 team either due to scheduling conflicts.

League Schedules:

Note that ALL leagues (and respective divisions) feature 1 Match a Week only.


Note: The Qualifiers will run through Battlefy. Sign-ups are now open! Check the “Qualifiers” tab for the links.


Regular Season:

  • Week 1:  October 16th-22nd 2017
  • Week 2: October 23rd-29th 2017
  • Week 3: October 30th-November 5th 2017
  • Week 4:  November 6th-12th 2017
  • Week 5:  November 13th-19th 2017
  • Week 6: November 20th-26th 2017
  • Week 7: November 27th – December 3rd 2017


  • Playoffs Weekend 1: December 8th -10th 2017
  • Playoffs Weekend 2: December 15th-17th 2017




Note: The Qualifiers will run through Battlefy, which means you can already create and update your team ahead of sign-ups opening. Tournament links will be published on the 28th of September 2017.


Points earned by each team, divided by each category will be displayed here.
Note: Until Monday October 9th 2017 this section will remain empty.


PS4 – 5v5 Domination

RankTeam NameWinsPointsQualifiers Played
1OctapuzZ Gaming41001
3Finnish Publa Heroes5952
5ProLegion Gaming3602
6UpriSing Esport3602
10Tribe eGaming2302
12Unlimited Gaming0202
13[GHR] Squad White0202
14RG3T Company0202
15Team Hazard1201
16German Code Zero eSports0152
17Genesis Claws0101
18Tactical Squad Gaming0101
19Murder Mafia0101
20GFM eSports0101



X1 – 5v5 Domination

Rank WinsQualifiers PlayedPoints
2iRFlow Gaming32150
4Metrik One1135
7NarKo Gaming0240
8Set Roster 21135



PS4 – 12v12 Conquest 

RankTeam NameWinsQualifiers PlayedPoints
1ITS TOO EASY BRO (2eZy)52200
5Nemesis eSport by HAYAGamers2295
3InSighT CQ2285
2Expect The Impossible2175
5Iron Throne0240
5World Wild Team0120



Please Note: If your Division is marked as Confirmed, this means your division will happen 100%. If your Division is marked as Not Confirmed, this means we would like to host it, however we are still working on making sure this Division will be ready to compete with 8 serious teams (this won’t apply until Qualifiers are over).
The teams already present below are teams who earned their position based on the final Season 1 standings after respective promotions/relegations where applied. These teams will have to confirm their participation during the qualification period or their spot will be given away.



Division 1

  1. VeNoM (Confirmed)
  2. complex Simplicity (Confirmed) 
  3. COS ESPORT (Confirmed) 
  4. Nemesis eSport by HAYAGamers (Confirmed)
  5. InSighT CQ (Confirmed)
  6. GUARDs WAR (Confirmed)
  7. Iron Throne (Confirmed)
  8. Expect The Impossible (Pending)



Division 1 (Confirmed)

  1. GNATIX.ESPORT T5 (Confirmed) 
  2. Fab Esport (Confirmed) 
  3. Revelation eSports (Confirmed) 
  4. VerteX (Confirmed) 
  5. Team Original 2.0 (Confirmed) 
  6. RAGE (Confirmed) 
  7. YaHooLiGaNs (Confirmed)
  8. Urban Sicarious (Confirmed)  

Division 2 (Confirmed)

  1. Vulcain (Confirmed) 
  2. Lone Wolves (Confirmed) 
  3. Prototype eSport By HAYAGamers (Confirmed) 
  4. eCOS Ynosa (Confirmed) 
  5. Finnish Publa Heroes
  6. DeFy
  7. ProLegion Gaming
  8. UpriSing Esport

Division 3 (Confirmed)

  1. ConveX
  2. QeG
  3. Berlin47
  4. Tribe eGaming
  5. IceNine
  6. Unlimited Gaming
  7. [GHR] Squad White
  8. RG3T Company

Division 4 (Pending)

  1. German Code Zero eSports  (Confirmed)
  2. ProNation (Pending)
  3. Team Hazard (Pending)
  4. Genesis Claws (Pending)
  5. Tactical Squad Gaming (Pending)
  6. Murder Mafia (Pending)
  7. EMPTY
  8. EMPTY



Division 1 (Pending)

  1. SET (Confirmed)
  2. iRFlow Gaming (Confirmed)
  3. PFT (Confirmed)
  4. Metrik One (Pending)
  5. BAD COMPANY ITALY (Confirmed)
  6. PeeK (Pending)
  7. NarKo Gaming (Confirmed)
  8. SET Roster 2 (Pending)

Welcome to the new ESB website!

Welcome to the new ESB website!

Welcome to our new website!
Since we started this journey with the community back in 2013, we’ve always had one central goal in mind, being the central HUB of Battlefield eSports. A go-to place for anyone who wanted to find out more about the competitive scene, it’s rules, what event was coming next, and a place to network with like-minded players.

With DICE/EA finally dedicating important resources towards eSports, particularly with Incursions, we felt that this was the right time to make this happen. For the past 6 months, we have been hard at work behind the scenes, to finally bring our vision to life, and be the website we’ve always wanted to be. With Battlelog not currently being supported anymore, and it having always lacked eSports features, we hope that you will all find a new place to call home in our new website.

While we want you to explore the website on your own, here are some of the new key features you will find on the website:

    Fully multi-lingual

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German

   An eSports focused Social network

  • Player Profiles
  • Team Pages
  • Forums
  • Email-like chat
  • Private Live-chat (Disabled; bug fix in progress)

   Key Upcoming features:

  • Competitive Matchmaking
  • Player Stats


With a project this big, you will most likely find bugs and issues while you discover our new website. In an effort to fix all these issues as soon as possible, please give us a hand by reporting any bugs/issues you may find here: https://esport-battlefield.com/bug-reporting/

Last, but not least, I would like to personally thank the amazing team that has helped bring this entire project to life, a team that’s just driven by the passion of eSports and that never asked for anything in return. I hope you will all be able to appreciate the work that’s been put into this, and if you see any of these guys around our Discord or Social Media, please do give them a thank you.

The team:



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